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About Counselling.

'Oh do not ask what is it,
Come let us make our visit...' (T.S.Eliot Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock)

Sometimes we need to find a place to do a particular and important work, a place to slow down and discover again parts of ourself that we have lost or mislaid in the tumult of Life. Giving oneself the gift of therapy can bring about great and tremendous change. It can help you to be who you really are and feel more authentic with a greater acceptance of yourself and your significant others.

What Conditions Can it Help? Feelings of meaningless or disharmony. When you have lost confidence or find things are not working out the way you hoped. Relationships keep following painful old patterns. These and many other concerns.

Therapy doesn't promise to heal all ills but it can change your attitude towards the things that are so hard to accept and it can be a catalyst to change deep seated patterns, helping loosen their grip and making it possible to experience life differently.

What Benefits can be Expected? Improved relationship with oneself and others. Greater self confidenece and less pressure to be a certain way or to please others. Deeper understanding of historical family problems and of how to live well and be true to yourself despite pressures to play a certain role.

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